Today and Beyond

The Commission observed its twentieth anniversary during 1991. As a kick-off event, on October 17, the Commission held a reception honoring its past presidents; more than 150 members of the University community helped celebrate the anniversary. 

As the Commission prepared to enter its twenty-first year, members planned to continue raising issues of Importance to women at WSU and educating the University community regarding women's concerns.

Women have made considerable progress toward equity in these 20 years. Nearly half of the top University administrators are women. Widely circulated position postings permit everyone eligible to apply. In addition, women students can be found in academic areas, including law, which has a 50% women student body, and medicine, which has a  40% women student body, that previously were nearly all male.

Yet, in other areas, women have not yet achieved equity. Women are still underrepresented on the faculty--28% are women, and only 12% of full professors are women. Women are virtually absent in some disciplines and at the department chair level. Salary equity, despite two rounds of equity adjustments, remains elusive, and the majority of women employees remain clustered in lower-paying positions. Sexism in the classroom continues to hamper and discourage women students, and childcare provision remains unresolved.

Since its inception, the Commission has been a strong voice for equity and equality for women. It will continue to be so.