1985 - 1988

At its meeting on September 13, 1985, the Board of Governors approved two resolutions that attested to the ongoing efforts of the Commission. In the first of these resolutions, recognizing the tenth anniversary of the Women's Resource Center, the Board reaffirmed support of the Center, its activities, and its dedication to improving the quality of life for women at WSU. The President also acknowledged the Center's continuing value to students and to the University community, and applauded its activities in working toward true equality for all human beings. Governor Mildred Jeffrey added that there probably would not have been a Center, had it not been for the efforts of the Commission the Status of Women. In the second resolution, on the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Women's Studies Program, the Board renewed commitment to the purposes of the Program.

In 1985, the President's Commission on the Status of Women was recognized as an official University committee. Originally established on a temporary basis with a termination date of June 1972, the Commission's tenure had been extended by several University Presidents, and the reorganization in 1980 had seemed to indicate a greater permanency for the body. Executive Order 85-8, signed by President Adamany on November 15, 1985, listed all official University committees, the Commission among them. According to the Executive Order, all such committees would be issued charters, appointment periods to all committees would be changed from nine months to twelve months, and August would be their convening date.

The Commission also strengthened its internal structure. In 1985-86 the Commission formalized a coordinating committee, consisting of the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and chairs of each of the four standing committees; it would set agendas, monitor progress on issues, address questions that arose between Commission meetings, and give general guidance to the Commission. At the same time, the Commission appointed a treasurer to be responsible for the finances of the Commission. The Information Committee was given specific responsibility for publishing the newsletter.

The Commission continued to work with various groups in advancing the cause of women, including Women of Wayne, the Women's Resource Center, Detroit League of Women Voters, and the Detroit chapter of the National Organization for Women. The Commission also participated in several conferences: 100 Black Women in October 1986; Minority Women in Higher Education in March 1987; Women Decision Makers, in May 1987; and the National Conference for College Women, Student Leaders, and Women of Achievement, a June 1987 meeting held in Washington, D.C. On March 24, 1987, the Commission sponsored a symposium, Women in Engineering, which created new alliances with women faculty and students in the College of Engineering.

In May 1987, the Commission received 48 self-nominations for vacancies on the Commission, the largest response ever received. To reflect this increased interest in Commission activities, membership was expanded to 25.