Commissioners and Members 2017-2018

The COSW is comprised of 30 members drawn from Wayne State University's faculty and staff, as well volunteers from the campus community and student body.  Each volunteer brings with them a different area of expertise and an enthusiasm to address the issues of equality and equity that affect University women through programming and advocacy.  If you are looking for a meaningful way to be involved and make a difference in the campus community, please consider becoming a volunteer by contacting a Chair of one of the COSW Committees that best meets your interests.


Commission Administration

Chair: Elizabeth McQuillen, Manager, Faculty Affairs & Support, College of Nursing
Vice Chair:  Melanie Stawkey, Supervisor Intramurals, Club Sports, and Adventure Programming
Secretary: Suzanne Baker 


2019-2020 COSW Commissioners

Betty Adams
Kaifa Alsoofy
Suzanne Baker
Teresa Bitner
Laure Bordas-Isner
Larmender Davis
Patricia Dixon
Ebony Fails
Ruthie Flowers
Beth Fowler
Stephanie Hawkes
Rachel Hone
Elizabeth McQuillen
Ryan Mitchell
Amber Neher
Amanda Palma
Darlene Pennington-Johnson
Jessica Pfeiffer
Kaitlin Popielarz
Brianna Sabol
Heather Sandlin
Brandon Shamoun
Valerie Simon
Mary Stanko
Melanie Stawkey
Tepora Su'A
Melissa Sweda
Rainesha Williams-Fox


COSW Liaisons

Marquita Chamblee (Office of Multicultural Student Engagement)
Allison Guilliom (Office of the President)
Janine Lanza (Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies)
Kwamsia Seals(Office of Equal Opportunity)
Jackie Wilson (Michigan ACE Network)