COSW and DOSO Sponsor COSW's Student Representative for a National College Women's Conference

COSW, along with the Dean of Students Office, is co-sponsoring Anita Vasudevan’s attendance at the NCCWSL “For the past 28 years, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) has offered unprecedented training and development for college women. At NCCWSL, hundreds of outstanding women learn from skill-building workshops, network with other college women, hear from inspiring keynote speakers, and attend the unforgettable Women of Distinction Awards ceremony and reception. More than 700 women have gathered for NCCWSL 2013.” (taken from, 5-31-13)  Because COSW strives to raise awareness of women's needs this was the perfect opportunity to instill our mission in the heart of one of our students.  The event is held May 30-June 1 at the University of Maryland, College Park. She was selected to attend and represent WSU because of her remarkable leadership skills and her commitment to the mission of COSW.  We caught up with Anita right before the conference and asked her a few questions.

1. COSW: Tell us a little about yourself.                            

Anita: I am a rising junior in the Honors College and the College of Education, where I am a pursuing a B.S. in Kinesiology - Exercise & Sport Science. I am a pre-med in the MedStart program, and I hope to become an integrative physician one day, where I would combine complementary/alternative therapies with conventional allopathic medicine. I hope to specialize in women's health, and focus on using yoga as a means of achieving a higher state of wellness. I work as a yoga instructor at the MHRFC (Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center), and as a GO-GIRL mentor for the COE. I am also a representative for Residential Life on Student Senate.

2. COSW: Are you excited to attend the conference?  And if so, why?

Anita: I am very excited to attend the conference, mainly because it will be such a great way to meet and connect with female student leaders around the country. I also hope to learn more about the issues facing our generation of women and what I can do to be an effective agent of change both at Wayne State community and in the local community. 

3. COSW: How do you believe this conference will help you as a student, a woman, and as a COSW representative?

Anita: I believe that this conference will be very beneficial to me as a student, woman, and COSW representative. I will learn more about the skills it takes to be a strong leader on campus, and how to apply these in different environments and positions. I can use what I learn at the conference in COSW during the coming school year, and also engage with different campus groups and organizations to empower women and students. The conference will also give me the opportunity to expand my network and connect with like-minded women students across the country, and I hope I may share and exchange ideas with other conference attendees on how to improve our campus community.

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